Spring Is the Perfect Time for Mold Removal

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| 2011 May 25 |
Spring Is the Perfect Time for Mold Removal

It’s that time of year again! Spring is upon us: the rain falls, the buds form on trees and the temperatures fluctuate wildly. Finally, warm weather is on its way!

In the course of just one spring day in Ottawa, it’s not unheard of that we’ll switch on our air conditioners to combat the sudden humidity.

But before you break out the air conditioner this season, it’s important to know that spring is the best time for mold removal.

Incorporating mold prevention strategies into your annual spring cleaning is a great idea.

In addition to giving you the opportunity to remove layers of accumulated dust, dirt and debris, spring cleaning is the perfect time of year to catch and address potential moisture problems, foundation cracks and water leakage.

Leaky Air Conditioner
Air conditioners are a breeding ground for mold. Don’t forget to clean yours regularly.


Look for mold in air conditioners

Pay special attention to your air conditioner, although it’s often overlooked, it’s a major hot spot for mold spores to set up shop.

If you have a portable air conditioner unit that’s been stored away for the winter, it’s very possible that it’s gathered dust, various pests, bacteria and indoor mold.

Installing it without properly cleaning it could cause a major decrease in indoor air quality, leading to breathing problems, allergies and other health concerns.

The cleaning and mold detection process is not too complicated for portable air conditioners, but it’s far more difficult if you have central air.

In that case, the best solution is to bring in a professional, certified mold inspector, who will ensure your ducts are properly cleaned in time for the hot summer months.

The mold inspector can also search for leaks, take air quality tests, and give you expert mold prevention tips to keep your home free of mold this season.

Now is the best time to get started, so don’t wait another minute to contact your local mold inspection company.