Replacing Your Windows for a New Look

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| 2014 Jul 16 |
Replacing Your Windows for a New Look

Replacing your windows for a new look

Be honest, how long have you had your home windows for? Did you change them when you moved into your home or where you just being lazy?  Just like your iron, hair dryer, or toothbrush over time, your windows and doors also need to be replaced after a period of time. If you’re consistently finding moisture on your windows’ interior, that’s calling out for new replacements.

To help you through the replacement process, we interviewed YouChoose, a wood casement window company, who provided us with the following tips and solutions to help determine if the time to replace and upgrade those windows of yours:

Is it extremely noisy in your hours?

Are you living close by to an airport, a busy street or in an urban neighbourhood? If so than noise pollution can be a frequent worry in your home. Replacing your current windows with insulated glazing, dual-pane or laminated glass can certainly lessen the amount of sound transmitted. Who doesn’t want more peace and quiet in their home, right? Many homeowners are often surprised by what impact the reduction of exterior noise is by simply replacing their windows.

Do your windows leak water?

Weather conditions outside your home should not appear on the inside, condensation is common and is a good sign that your windows need to be changed.

Incompetent windows can leak, allowing water to come into your house both in front of and behind the walls, a leaking can cause mold and mildew in homes and that is something people don’t want!

Do your windows close and lock properly?

Windows are a major safety concern, if your windows currently don’t close and lock, this is easy access for intruders to come into your home, as windows and doors are their main entry access. By purely replacing your windows this can help eliminate this problem.

Having problems cleaning your windows?

You’ve probably heard the old housekeeper joke “I don’t do windows”. Well, this will probably show when looking at the filth dripping from the window frames. After years and years of not cleaning those windows, it’s certain you’ll have permanent stains on and when you do eventually decide to clean them, it will be a struggle to remove. The only option will be to get them removed and welcome new windows to your home.

Do you like your windows?

Your home is most probably the biggest investment and a very important part of your life. Changing old mismatched or dull windows can immensely perk up the look of your home and also add great value to your property.