Real Estate News: Marijuana Grow Op Inspections

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| 2011 Jan 28 |
Real Estate News: Marijuana Grow Op Inspections

Today, a big challenge is disrupting the rise of converting residential homes into illegal marijuana grow ops.

In some areas, the problem is so bad that it’s become difficult for potential buyers to invest in properties that they feel confident are not former grow ops.
This is what a marijuana grow op does to the structure of a house. Notice the gaping holes in the walls.

As such, marijuana grow op inspections are highly recommended, if not mandatory, in areas where the risk factor is high.

The importance of professional grow op inspections

People looking to invest in a residential property, while keeping costs low, must keep in mind that it’s much more wise to spend a little extra on a professional grow op inspection than to make a hasty purchase that could end up costing much more in repairs.

Whenever any house is used to cultivate marijuana, it leaves behind several prominent clues that a professional mold inspector will be able to pick up on. Many times, it even leaves behind serious structural damage that can be dangerous to the home’s occupants.

These days, as public education about grow houses increases, marijuana grow op inspections have become more popular than ever before. People have realized the importance of taking extra steps towards ensuring that they are making the right investment. And for that, they deserve a pat on the back!

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