Put Your Health First with Air Quality Testing

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| 2011 Jan 15 |
Put Your Health First with Air Quality Testing

Many modern-day health problems (from asthma and allergies to respiratory illness and cancer) can be attributed to poor air quality.

And if they’ve taught us anything it’s that we should do everything in our power to monitor and improve the air quality inside our homes, offices and schools.


How air quality testing helps

Air quality testing is one of the best ways to do this. An air quality test will let us know what pollutants are present in our indoor air so that we can effectively address the problem.

For example, an air quality test conducted in your basement may reveal high levels of black mold, allowing you to locate the moisture problem and fix it in order to reduce mold-related symptoms and reactions.

Similarly, an air quality test performed in a school may reveal the presence of asbestos fibres in the air, which can lead to serious respiratory illness and even lung cancer. The results of the air test would signal to us to remove the asbestos immediately.

In Ottawa, several companies offer indoor air quality testing; however, Mold Busters offers the most reliable service at the lowest prices.

One of our main goals is to educate people about the importance of maintaining proper air quality in their homes as a pathway to good health and longevity.

We constantly monitor Health Canada guidelines for Residential Indoor Air Quality to make sure that our clients are protected.