Prevent Mold and Protect Your Health

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| 2012 Jan 20 |
Prevent Mold and Protect Your Health

Regardless of how healthy you are or feel that you are, it’s not possible to completely escape or bypass the negative effects that long-time exposure to mold has on your health. Many professionals in the field of environmental medicine, peer-reviewed literature on the topic, and victims of mold exposure themselves encourage prevention or, in other words, demand action.

Do your part to ensure mold doesn’t have the opportunity to grow and continue to produce deadly volatile organic compounds or toxins in your home. Do your part to prevent permanent injury from chronic exposure.

The debate over mold in your home and your health

Considering there’s an ongoing debate over a causal relationship between mold and symptoms associated with exposure to mold, families chronically affected by mold are left with unanswered questions and they’re shelling out their dollars for what may or may not help them on their journey back to health. Insurance plans neither recognize environmental illness, like mold, nor advocate for your child if the state of his or her health suffers as a result of the environment.

The debate over mold in your home and remediation

If there is, in fact, a mold problem developing in your home, proper remediation also invites debate, as there are no government guidelines dictating how professionals must clean, to ensure your home is left safe when the job is declared finished. Unfortunately, for many, this controversy lends way to disbelief and lack of action, when in fact, action is exactly what everyone must do to prevent mold growing out of control in your home or workplace.

Prévenir la moisissure à Gatineau
It’s important to prevent mold in your home, as it can be a complex and taxing problem to fix. But, more importantly, prevent mold to protect your health!