Mold Busters Asia Expansion: Singapore, Malaysia and…Philippines!

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Just as the cool, brisk Canadian weather started to make itself known once again, a strategic trip to the tropical countries of Asia-Pacific was planned for Michael and I in order to check in with our Mold Busters partners in Singapore and Malaysia. Needless to say, there were zero complaints about leaving the ever-encroaching cold for a week!

Singapore is an absolutely gorgeous country. It is exceptionally picturesque, clean and peppered with beautiful architecture reflecting the country’s young past and bright future. How does it stay so clean?

Mold Busters Asia Expansion: Singapore, Malaysia and…Philippines!

Well, Singapore is known for being a “fine city,” meaning, it has a long list of fines for seemingly harmless infractions. For example, the fine for forgetting to flush the toilet in a public bathroom is S$500 (about $470 CAD). Also, forget about smoking in public, chewing gum, spitting, littering, jaywalking, and many other things us Westerners unfortunately do with impunity. Failure to abide by these laws results in stiff fines. These strict laws, however, help to keep Singapore the squeaky clean place that it is.

Mold Busters Singapore - Lunch Break
Taking a break from Mold Busters training to grab some delicious lunch!

On top of that, the locals are exceptionally friendly, courteous and great to be around. In short, Singapore is a wonderful place to spend any amount of time in, and fortunately, for Michael and I, we had the best possible tour guide around!

Catching up with AOM Singapore

AOM Singapore—our official Mold Busters partner—is an exceptionally bright and resourceful team that offers a wide range of services specific to the Asia-Pacific climate and culture. With a focus on air purification and deodorization, AOM is at the top of its industry (and has been for many years).

Learning about what they are doing, and why, was a great experience. It had previously never occurred to me that, in Singapore, homeowners don’t need insulation behind walls like we do in North America. After all, their temperature seldom dips below 26°C! Furthermore, drywall is not the most common indoor building material—concrete is.

Training Session with Mold Busters Singapore
Day 1 of our training session with Mold Busters Singapore

In addition to providing mold remediation training and sharing our customer service strategies with our Singapore partners, we also met with our Malaysian representatives and a potential partner from the Philippines. It was great hearing the points of view of professionals living in three different countries, and in turn, being able to provide them with insights into our industry.

High humidity and mold growth in Singapore

As tropical countries, Singapore, Malaysia and the Philippines have humidity levels that are through the roof compared to North American standards. Needless to say, these constant moisture issues run rampant in households, resulting in the perfect environment for mold.

As such, their approach to mold remediation (for example, how building materials are adjusted to withstand damp, humid conditions) is entirely different from the methods we use here in Canada.

Mold Removal Services Singapore - Mold Busters Training
More from our mold removal training session with AOM Singapore… Working hard!

Understanding how mold grows, propagates and affects the health of occupants within the indoor living environment became a regular topic during the training we provided. Basically, by understanding our enemy, we can defeat our enemy!

Mold Busters expands to the Philippines

By the time our trip was over, Michael and I left Singapore with much more than we had anticipated. We had departed Canada expecting to teach our Singapore partners about our strategies in the mold removal industry, but we ended up learning just as much from them.

In addition, we will be deploying new initiatives and technologies for our Singapore and Malaysia Mold Busters partners to help them better answer customer inquiries, conduct effective mold inspections and optimize customer service.

Last but not least, we have a newly confirmed partnership with the Philippines! That’s right…Mold Busters will be officially launching in the Philippines in the new year, and we’re looking forward to developing our tried, tested and true brand of mold services in a country that gets devastated by typhoons, moisture problems and mold on a regular basis.

On a final note, although it was sad to leave the beautiful country, people and climate of Singapore, we know that we will be back soon. For Mold Busters and the Asia-Pacific great things are happening. We’re happy to be a part of helping families and businesses live in healthy, clean indoor environments!

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