Infrared Roof Inspections For Detecting Mold

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| 2014 Apr 14 |
Infrared Roof Inspections For Detecting Mold

The roof is a critical part of your home; when your roof is in rough shape, your entire house is at risk of water intrusion, heat loss and other problems that only grow worse with time. These problems not only cost you financially, but they jeopardize your safety and your family’s safety.

Most residential and commercial property owners aren’t fully aware of the benefits of infrared roof inspection. There are, in fact, several, and we’ll discuss them in greater detail in the following sections.

Why are roof inspections important?

A general roof inspection is an important part of home maintenance. Inspectors pinpoint problems that compromise the structural soundness of your home and your safety. A roof inspection exposes the following problems that are otherwise difficult to detect:

  • Blocked gutters
  • Cracks in the chimney
  • Missing insulation
  • Standing water

These problems, along with others that allow moisture to enter your home, can be serious.

Infrared Roof Inspections - Mold Busters
You can’t always see deteriorating shingles or cracked chimney yourself. This is why a regular roof inspection is important.

When there’s moisture, a food source and the right temperature, the chances of mold growth increase substantially. If the source of moisture is not detected and repaired, the damage can escalate very quickly.

Exposure to mold has several negative health effects, especially for infants, the elderly and anyone with an already-compromised immune system. In addition, the more developed the mold problem, the greater the remediation and repair costs.

Thus early detection and prompt mold removal is crucial. However, because rooftops are often out of sight and out of mind, you may never know a moisture problem exists until you get a roof inspection. And even then, will the inspector catch everything with only his or her eyes?

Probably not.

Advantages of infrared roof inspections

Luckily, there is a solution: an infrared roof inspection.

Infrared Roof Inspections - Mold Busters
Infrared roof inspections are reliable and effective for detecting moisture problems that lead to mold.

Using high-resolution infrared cameras, inspectors can search every area of your roof (including your chimney, soffits and eaves) for damage and moisture.

How does the camera work? Simply put, it measures the infrared energy (heat) given off by roofing materials and displays it in a range of colours—brighter colours (white, red, yellow and orange) represent higher temperatures whereas darker colours (blue and purple) represent lower temperatures.

Since leaks, cracks, water-damaged materials and blocked gutters have a different temperature than their surrounding environment, they stand out in an infrared image.

As such, infrared roof inspections tend to be faster, safer and more accurate than their traditional counterparts. What’s more, they’re completely non-destructive.

If you’re still hesitant about making the switch, call Mold Busters and talk to a certified thermographer about your concerns. We’ll help you make the right choice.