Infrared Inspections for Mold Detection

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| 2011 Feb 18 |
Infrared Inspections for Mold Detection

Needless to say, infrared (or thermal imaging) technology has been a welcome innovation in the construction industry.

One of its most prominent uses is in building diagnostics, where it can help find existing and potential problems in buildings, such as hidden water leaks, inefficient HVAC systems, missing insulation, damaged foundation, plumbing problems, loose electrical connections and hot spots.

An infrared image of a wet floor shows exactly where the moisture is located. The darker colours indicate cooler temperatures, and thus, moisture.

You may also be aware that infrared cameras are now frequently used in and extremely effective for energy-loss audits because they show exactly where heat is escaping or where cold air is entering a building.

This allows owners to make the appropriate repairs to their property in order to reduce energy expenditures and increase savings in the future.

The use of infrared inspections for mold detection

Similarly, infrared imaging has made a dramatic impact on the mold detection industry. It has changed the way mold inspectors conduct mold assessments for the better.

Using thermal imaging cameras, inspectors are now able to see behind walls, ceilings and the like to locate hidden mold problems non-intrusively.

This means that they don’t actually have to cause any physical damage to your property…so it’s kind of like x-ray vision. Now that’s good news!

Since mold is a living organism and since all living things emit heat, infrared cameras can pick up on even the smallest mold growth.

What’s more, infrared inspections provide practically instant results. It takes only a second for an infrared image to form, giving you valuable insight about the state of your home’s structural health and allowing you to take immediate action to remedy any problems.

Ever since adopting this new technology, Mold Busters has seen a great improvement in our ability to meet our customers’ needs and in their overall customer experience. Infrared inspections are truly the best way to detect mold, moisture problems and construction issues in your property.

To learn more about how they work, give Mold Busters a call.