How to Detect Moisture: SmartThings Water Detection Kit

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| 2014 Jul 21 |
How to Detect Moisture: SmartThings Water Detection Kit

Floods are absolutely devastating. Anyone who’s experienced one knows a flood can cost tens of thousands of dollars and a great deal of anguish. They destroy homes, personal belongings and make a black mold problem all the more probable.

In fact, any type of moisture intrusion indoors–a flood, a leaking pipe, even a spill–leads to water damage, which leads to mold. And it’s important to detect moisture intrusion in its earliest stages so as to prevent mold.

Fortunately this no longer requires much work on your part–not when we install the SmartThings Water Detection Kit for you.

This kit, made up of one SmartThings Hub and two SmartSense Moisture sensors, alerts you when there is an abnormally high level of moisture indoors (i.e. in the case of a leak). As soon as the sensors pick up excess moisture, you’re notified on your smartphone.

At Mold Busters, we see everyday how problematic leaking pipes, leaking roofs and cracked foundation becomes when not detected soon enough. In many cases, black mold grows, which costs you more in remediation and building repairs and puts your health at risk.

How to Detect Moisture: SmartThings Water Detection Kit
By installing SmartThings Water Detecton Kit, we’ll help you detect moisture intrusion–big or small–that leads to costly flooding and mold.

So, now, after we remove mold from your home, in an effort to prevent it from growing back, we’ll install the SmartThings sensors where there’s good chance of moisture intrusion or high humidity: the basement, underneath sinks, the bathroom, etc. And we’ll include the set-up in the cost of remediation.

By installing these sensors, we’ll help you keep your home fresh and mold spore-free, but, most importantly, you’ll gain the peace of mind you deserve when leaving your home for any length of time.

Get started today; if you suspect mold is growing in your home, call us toll-free at 1-877-566-6653.