Hire a Mold Removal Professional for Best Results

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| 2011 Jan 09 |
Hire a Mold Removal Professional for Best Results

Mold and mildew are fungi that grow as multicellular filaments known as hyphae. They feed off of organic or cellulose-rich materials like paper, drywall, wood, fabrics and grout, and so, they are frequently found infesting residential and commercial properties.

Exposure to mold spores can cause a variety of health issues, depending on the person and their sensitivity to mold. People can become exposed to mold by inhaling it, by touching it or by ingesting moldy foods.

Some species of mold (i.e. black mold) produce toxic chemicals called mycotoxins that can cause major health problems such as allergic reactions, irritation, infection and respiratory illness.

Get help from a mold removal professional

Sometimes, cleaning mold can be too much for the average homeowner to handle. Because mold needs moisture to survive, you can often find it in damp or highly humid areas or after major flooding.

To prevent mold growth after a major water intrusion, you must dry everything thoroughly…even the walls and especially the carpets. You may even be required to open up the walls to dry them properly and to dispose of water-damaged carpets if they are beyond repair.

This often requires the skill and precision of a professional. If you have mold problems in your Ottawa-area home and are looking for an effective solution, contact the professionals at Mold Busters for the best results.