Healthy Housing: Taking Action Against Mold

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| 2011 Feb 25 |
Healthy Housing: Taking Action Against Mold

Mold is a pervasive problem that, doubtless, frustrates Canadian homeowners from coast to coast.

Because costs associated with mold damage and proper maintenance can run high, not everyone can afford the professional mold inspection and remediation services necessary to keep mold away.

The Healthy Housing Initiative by the CMHC encourages people to start leading healthier, mold-free lives.


The good news is that those of us who realize the devastating impact that mold has on our homes and our health have decided to take action.

At one point in the middle of the ’90s, a Canadian architect was commissioned to design affordable housing for people who are hypersensitive to the outside environment.

These units were designed to reduce and eliminate potential sources of indoor irritants (e.g. dust, pollen and mold) by means of various features such as extractor fans and powerful ventilation systems.

Nowadays, these types of constructions are setting a new trend in the housing industry by catering to a growing number of people looking to improve their indoor air quality and reduce allergies, asthma and other reactions associated with an ever-increasing number of indoor air pollutants.

The Healthy Housing Program by CMHC

Similarly, the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation launched a Healthy Housing initiative to promote the development of affordable housing that is both considerate of people’s health and environmentally friendly.

However, it’s still impossible to prevent all leaks and flooding that give rise to mold growth… these things will happen, and they’re usually out of our control.

But as responsible homeowners and citizens, we have a duty to do as much as possible to prevent damage to our homes and our health. So start making your home a healthier place to live today! Call Mold Busters and learn about our comprehensive mold services.