Early Mold Detection Prevents Future Problems

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| 2011 Jan 18 |
Early Mold Detection Prevents Future Problems

These days, more and more people in the Montreal area are becoming health conscious. Also on the rise is the demand for professional mold detection services, as people want to ensure that the quality of their indoor air is not being compromised by toxic mold.

The truth is that mold is a common problem found in almost every home, in almost every neighbourhood. The secret to effective mold prevention lies in detecting mold problems early on, allowing for timely remediation.

Why hire professionals for mold detection?

Mold feeds off of moisture and cellulose. It can go unnoticed, growing behind walls, in carpets and underneath furniture until it destroys everything in its way. Getting regular mold detection services for your home can help you prevent serious health problems that can result from exposure to toxic molds such as Stachybotrys chartarum (also known as black mold).

While many people question mold being a serious health threat, at Mold Busters, we know (after years of industry experience) that mold can be a serious, and even deadly, problem.

Another important things we’ve noticed over the years is that detecting a mold problem early on can significantly reduce property damage and repair costs while improving overall health.

So, if you haven’t already, contact Mold Busters to set up your mold inspection in the Montreal area.