Complete Mold Inspections Ensure Home Safety

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| 2012 Sep 19 |
Complete Mold Inspections Ensure Home Safety

If you notice high humidity, condensation, leaks or flooding where you live or work, your home or office could have a mold problem. Any moisture should be well regulated to prevent mold from growing. Do not hesitate to reach out for professional air quality testing if you suspect there’s a mold problem. It could drastically improve your health, not to mention save you thousands of dollars in repairs.

The truth is that we’re surrounded by mold in the natural environment, and while this is inescapable, we can (and should) eliminate it from our indoor living environment, thereby reducing allergies, headaches, skin irritation and other symptoms associated with exposure to mold.

Benefits of a Professional Home Mold Inspection

Mold produces allergens and mycotoxins, which it releases into the air where they can be inhaled by humans at any given moment. For some people, exposure to mold can cause mild irritation like runny nose or watery eyes; for some, it can worsen asthma and cause breathing difficulties; and for some, mold exposure can lead to debilitating conditions that make everyday tasks impossible to accomplish.

Often a mold problem will be overlooked because it won’t be in a high-traffic area or because it will be hiding behind walls and under carpets. Other times, there may not be any obvious sign of a mold problem–no musty odours, no dark spots, no visible leak, etc. These are the situations in which professional mold inspections can be instrumental in correctly identifying mold, developing a safe and effective plan to remove it, and minimizing the chances of regrowth.

Do you value your health? If so, don’t let mold threaten your well-being and happiness for another second longer. Contact a certified professional for a detailed mold inspection. If the results of the inspection reveal any mold problems, you’ll know then to continue with a complete mold remediation.  Make sure that the mold abatement company that you hire is fully certified, has a good reputation and follows established procedures for safe mold removal.

Home Inspections in Ottawa
To carry out a complete home inspection, professional home and mold inspectors use reliable equipment, including the infrared camera (pictured).