9 Reasons to Get a Mold Inspection Before Buying a Home

Moving into a new house should be an exciting time in your life. But you shouldn’t let these happy emotions […]

Posted on 15 Feb'18 by John Ward


Toronto Citizens Your Indoor Air Might Be Polluted

Most people are hyper-aware of outdoor air quality hazards. Every other week, it seems, someone on TV or radio is […]

Posted on 08 Feb'18 by John Ward


Is There Asbestos in My House?

What are the risks of asbestos? Asbestos is extremely hazardous to human health and has caused millions of deaths worldwide. […]

Posted on 30 Jan'18 by John Ward


7 Reasons for Air Duct Cleaning

Have you ever considered that indoor air might be more polluted than outdoor air? It will probably come as a […]

Posted on 23 Jan'18 by John Ward


How Your Carpet Could Be Making You Sick

Carpets can make your home look more tidy and appealing. With a variety of colour options, pile heights and patterns, […]

Posted on 22 Jan'18 by John Ward


Mold Busters Scholarship Winner Announcement

When we launched our biannual writing contest, we wanted to raise awareness of the risks that poor indoor air quality […]

Posted on 29 Dec'17 by John Ward


Dos and Don’ts of Duct Cleaning

It goes without saying that indoor air quality (IAQ) is an extremely important part of a healthy and comfortable environment. […]

Posted on 05 Dec'17 by Stefan P.


Mold Buster’s Participation in Mold, Indoor Air Quality and Industrial Hygiene Workshop

On Tuesday October 5, 2017, Mold Busters participated in the EMSL Laboratories’ workshop on Mold, Indoor Air Quality and Industrial […]

Posted on 25 Oct'17 by John Ward


Mold Busters – Case Studies

Hear how Mold Busters helped clients across Ontario and Quebec tackle the most difficult cases of toxic black mold infestation, air […]

Posted on 18 Apr'17 by Charlie


How Your Indoor Environment Affects Your Productivity

We’ve already discussed the effects of indoor environmental conditions like poor air quality on health many times. However, we haven’t […]

Posted on 27 Mar'15 by Anja