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How to Get Mold Out of Clothes

You have probably heard about mold, but did you know that you can even get mold on clothes? Mold is […]

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Hidden Mold – How We Almost Didn’t Find It!

Our most frequent calls come from clients who can’t see what the problem is. Sometimes they can smell something abnormal, […]

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A Tenant’s Tale: Flooding and Mold

Client: Crystal C., Ottawa, ON Problem: After a minor flood in the bathroom of the apartment above Crystal’s, water stains appeared on […]

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Mold vs Mildew: It’s Not Mold Until It’s Tested

Client: Sandy S., Brockville, ON       Problem: Sandy contacted us through our site’s online chat system and scheduled an inspection, […]

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How a Mold Buster Dealt with his Landlord

The end of March seemed like a perfect time to get away from Ottawa—even for just a few days. The […]

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What on Earth Is that Smell?

Client:  “Good morning! I have this awful moldy smell coming from my garage, and it’s making my entire family sick. […]

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Mold in the Furnace: A Hidden Health Risk

Client: Homeowner in Montreal, QC. Problem: Mold does not typically grow on metal, so you probably wouldn’t expect to find […]

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THIS Furniture Gives Me A Headache

Client: Michelle from Carp, ON Problem: Michelle called Mold Busters to help with a pinpointing a mysterious odor that appeared in her […]

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This Water Restoration Company Made Me Sick

Client: Sandy C., Ottawa, ON Problem: Upon arrival to the basement of Sandy’s home, it became immediately clear to our technician that […]

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Home Made Mold Testing Kits vs Professional Kit

Are Mold Testing Kits Accurate and Reliable? Imagine finding black spots on the wall behind your fridge. What would you […]

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