Mold prevention


Signs Your Home Needs a Dehumidifier

Due to health reasons, proper humidity levels must be maintained in your home to prevent mold growth. Too much moisture […]

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Tried and True Ways to Prevent Mold in Your Front-Loading Washing Machine

Front-loading clothes washers have been around for years now, and their efficiency helps to ensure their popularity. Buying a new […]

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How to Prevent Moisture in Your Storage Unit

Did you know that indoor humidity, or relative humidity (RH), in your home should be between 30% and 50%? Not […]

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Non-Toxic Bathroom Cleaning Tips

Your bathroom should be a sanctuary, not a haven for bacteria, viruses and fungi. Despite this, terrifying microorganisms like black […]

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How to DIY Wood Walls

The elegance of wood makes it the go-to material for many homeowners looking to add a touch of style to […]

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Renovating Your Bathroom

You might envision a dreamy oasis, complete with a claw-foot bathtub, spotless countertops and sparkling grout, but keep in mind […]

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What to Look for in a Landlord

So often we hear how landlords should carefully screen and select their tenants, but we hear little about the need […]

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How to Reduce Humidity in Your Home This Summer

Now that we’re in the midst of summer, surely you’re hearing all about the humidity—outdoors and in—and surely you know […]

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Air Conditioners and Mold: A Close Connection

Air conditioning (AC) is a luxury for some homeowners and a necessity for others. It makes everyday life more comfortable […]

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Prevent Mold and Water Damage in Your Garage in 7 Simple Steps

Garages, both attached and detached, are usually overlooked when it comes to home maintenance. Homeowners and occupants start taking necessary […]

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