FAQ: Everything You Need to Know about Mold

I’ve discovered mold in my home. What now? If you ever come across evidence of mold in your home, the […]

Posted on 20 Oct'15 by Anja


Today’s Top Tech for Good Health

These days, wherever you go, you are surrounded by electronics—phones, tablets, laptops, TVs, video games and various other devices. While […]

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Develop These Habits for a Happy, Healthy Lifestyle

Leading a healthy lifestyle isn’t as hard as most people think. If you are not already addicted to nicotine or […]

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How Your Indoor Environment Affects Your Productivity

We’ve already discussed the effects of indoor environmental conditions like poor air quality on health many times. However, we haven’t […]

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Trends in Environmental Testing: Mold, Asbestos, Lead & More

If you’ve ever visited our website or read our blog, you likely already know how important good indoor air quality […]

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How to Spot Your Child’s Mold Allergies

On top of mold causing a lot of financial stress and structural damage to your home, your family may also […]

Posted on 12 Dec'14 by John Ward


Moore Farm Gatineau: A Disturbing Mold Problem

Recently, the Mold Busters team toured the Moore Farm Estate, a heritage property owned by the National Capital Commission (NCC) […]

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Why You Should Consider Mold This Allergy Season

Sneezing. Nasal congestion. Coughing fits. Watery eyes. Anyone who suffers from seasonal allergies knows how irritating they can be. If […]

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Indoor Air Quality in Schools: Your Child May Be at Risk

Healthy indoor air quality (IAQ) in schools is crucial if we want to protect our children’s health as well as […]

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Mold Linked to Asthma in Children

The dangers associated with mold exposure and inhaling mold spores have been common knowledge to the public for many years […]

Posted on 16 Apr'13 by John Ward