End Your Battle with Bathroom Mold

Bathrooms are an ideal spot for mold growth: in most homes, bathrooms are both dark and damp–essential conditions for the […]

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Non-Toxic Bathroom Cleaning Tips

Your bathroom should be a sanctuary, not a haven for bacteria, viruses and fungi. Despite this, terrifying microorganisms like black […]

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How To Locate Mold Growth in Your Home

Are you wondering how to locate mold growth in your home? Well, good for you, because it’s important that you […]

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Preventing Mold Damage in Your Home

Molds are fungi, and they’re a common problem in households in Ottawa and its surrounding area. While most mold is […]

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Effects of Mold and Mildew on Health: Mold Awareness

For people who are allergic to mold, there are several negative effects of mold and mildew that’s growing on various […]

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The Harmful Effects of Mildew in an Apartment

Mildew appears on moist materials like wood and drywall as a thick, velvety layer on the surface of the material. […]

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The Harmful Effects of Mold and Mildew

Although people often confuse Mold with Mildew, the fact is that both of them can cause health issues, from coughing […]

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The Difference Between Mold and Mildew

You’ll often hear mold and mildew discussed together. Do you ever wonder why this is the case? The simple answer […]

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Healthy Housing: Taking Action Against Mold

Mold is a pervasive problem that, doubtless, frustrates Canadian homeowners from coast to coast. Because costs associated with mold damage […]

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