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Unseen Dangers: Poor Indoor Air Quality at Work

Client: Federal Government Office, Ottawa, ON       Problem: Staff were losing energy throughout the day and getting sick on a […]

Posted on 23 Aug'18 by


Toronto’s Problem with Air Pollution: Not Safe for Everyone

For cities like Toronto that strive to reduce pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, being compared to Beijing regarding air pollution […]

Posted on 28 Feb'18 by


Toronto Citizens Your Indoor Air Might Be Polluted

Most people are hyper-aware of outdoor air quality hazards. Every other week, it seems, someone on TV or radio is […]

Posted on 08 Feb'18 by


Ventilation: The Key to a Healthy Home

Today, we’re staying on the subject of indoor air quality (IAQ) and continuing our discussion of how to stay healthy […]

Posted on 07 Oct'15 by

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