Why We Can’t Provide a Quote Before a Mold Inspection

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| 2014 May 07 |
Why We Can’t Provide a Quote Before a Mold Inspection

On many occasions, a prospective customer, or anyone who’s curious, will ask us for a quote, either through our site’s live chat, by email or over the phone.

We appreciate all inquiries and encourage you to call if you suspect your health is threatened by poor indoor air quality. We want to solve your problems and ensure your indoor environment is a safe one, and we can only do so if you reach out to us. So, keep the questions coming.

However, know that we can’t provide you with a precise quote for mold remediation without a mold inspection. Meaning, let’s meet, look at the area in question and go from there before throwing numbers around that may or may not be accurate.

Why We Can't GIve You A Quote Before a Mold Inspection
Often people ask us for a quote before we visit their home. Unfortunately, we can’t give you an accurate quote at this time; we must first inspect for mold.

No mold means no mold remediation

We maintain that it’s not mold until it’s tested. We can’t say how much mold remediation will cost you if we aren’t completely sure that there is, in fact, a mold problem. After all, if you don’t need to spend X amount of dollars on remediation, you shouldn’t.

Before discussing remediation, our inspector will visit your property. He’ll visually inspect the area you’re worried about; take note of musty odours, potentially indicating an indoor air quality issue; take a swab analysis; and discuss your concerns with you. In other words, he will do exactly what he has to, to determine whether there’s truly need to worry about mold.

Next, he will test for mold by way of an air quality test or surface sample. Depending on the results, he might suggest remediation.

Only then can we provide you with an accurate quote because, only then, can we properly gauge the scope of the problem and the amount of work required to resolve it.

Why get a mold inspection?

You see then that an initial inspection is crucial, as it kick-starts the mold removal process (if needed). Because of the potentially serious health effects of mold exposure and the extensive damage it can do to your home, an inspection is not something to put on the backburner.

We’re happy to immediately answer questions related to mold and your indoor air quality. However, for questions regarding the cost of mold removal, the best and only way for us to answer is to start with a visual assessment. Only after that will we have a better idea of what you’re dealing with and, if need be, what we’re dealing with.

We’re here to help homeowners across Ontario and Quebec. If you suspect your home is contaminated by mold, book your inspection today.