Attached Garages and Indoor Air Quality

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| 2011 May 03 |
Attached Garages and Indoor Air Quality

Do you think you could rate the quality of air inside your home? You could try, but you might not be all that accurate, especially if you don’t take into account your garage and how it affects indoor air quality – something many homeowners tend to overlook.

Don’t let air pollutants from your garage compromise the safety of your home and your loved ones.


How garages can worsen IAQ

The Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) recently published an article that focuses on the effects that an attached garage has on air quality in the rest of the home.

According to the article, attached garages pose a threat to the quality of air in your home because of the high amount of pollutants vehicles give off, even hours after they’ve been turned off. Over time, these pollutants make their way into the home.

The good news is that if your home is currently being built, you can request that all air leakage paths are properly sealed. Sealing these paths will help prevent the air from moving from the garage into the home. For existing homes, it’s usually difficult to find the leakage paths.

The best option in this case, is to try and caulk all visible cracks and ensure the seal between the drywall and house is air tight.

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