Are Mold Testing Kits Accurate and Reliable?

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| 2013 Jan 05 |
Are Mold Testing Kits Accurate and Reliable?

Imagine finding black spots on the wall behind your fridge. What would you do? Well, most people would immediately run to the store to buy a do-it-yourself kit to test the contamination, believing this to be the fastest and most cost-effective way to test for mold. However, this is usually a big mistake.

Even though the DIY technology of mold testing kits gives you a clear, yes-or-no answer about the presence of mold in your home, it doesn’t give you an accurate measurement of the concentration of the contamination or the extent of the damage. It also doesn’t give you any indication as to what the source of the mold problem is.

Furthermore, mold samples collected with DIY mold testing kits can sometimes be contaminated, incorrect, and misleading. All accredited organizations in the indoor air quality (IAQ) community advice against the use of home mold testing kits.

Consumer Reports Rate Home Mold Testing Kits

Consumer Reports, an American monthly magazine published by Consumer Unions, rates home mold testing kits as “not recommended.” In fact, consumer testimonials reveal that in some mold testing kits, the cassettes had leaked over the entire contents. Also, ironically, one person claimed that a kit that had not yet been opened was contaminated with mold. On top of that, some kits don’t even have expiry dates on them.

It’s clear these DIY mold testing kits are advertised and sold online to generate money and create fear among the general public, without providing a long-term solution – one that fixes the problem at its core.

If you believe you have a mold problem, the best thing to do is to contact a professional and reliable mold inspection company. Mold Busters, Canada’s leading mold testing and mold remediation company delivers quality service in mold detection, inspection and removal by experienced and knowledgeable mold experts.

Mold Testing Kits in Ottawa
Mold testing kits are not nearly as reliable as enlisting the help of a professional mold inspector. For a problem as serious as mold, skip the kits.