A Guide to Do-It-Yourself Mold Removal

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| 2011 Jan 27 |
A Guide to Do-It-Yourself Mold Removal

Mold removal really should be done by a professional, but if you choose to try to get rid of it yourself, this information will help.

First, keep in mind that mold spores can become airborne easily, so it’s imperative for you to take safety precautions before you disturb any existing mold. You need to make a plan of how you are going to tackle the cleanup and make sure that you have all the equipment you need to do it properly from start to finish, otherwise you run the risk of spreading the contamination.

What you need to remove mold effectively

The following is what you need before you start the mold cleanup process:

  • Disposable gloves (either rubber or plastic): Always make sure you’re wearing gloves when touching or coming into close contact with mold. Whether you are doing a mold test or cleaning it up, gloves are essential.
  • Safety goggles (without ventilation holes): This is to protect your eyes from getting itchy and watery due to mold exposure.
  • N-95 or a P-100 respirator: If you can’t find a respirator in your local home improvement store, a regular face mask will due. This is to avoid breathing in mold spores because some types of mold, like black mold are toxic.
  • Old clothes that you can either throw away or wash in very hot water
  • Shoe covers (e.g. disposable plastic bags or shower caps)

When you are done cleaning the mold, make sure you throw all dirty items in a plastic bag, seal it up and dispose of it properly. You do not want the mold spores floating back into your home.

Now that you know what you need for an effective and safe do-it-yourself mold removal, you can proceed with the work. However, we would, once again, like to remind you that it is truly better to hire a professional to inspect and remove the mold from your home. This way you know you are getting rid of it all and not inadvertently exposing yourself to toxic mold spores.